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TECHTOP has a wide range of motors, from the standard, to ATEX, the motor for marine environment with GL certificate, the brake self motor and the NEMA motor TM series among others. In addition, TECHTOP motors can be supplied with multiple variations either in their IP protection, that can be IP55, IP65 or IP56, on their level of electrical performance IE1, IE2 or IE3, in the installation of accessories such as thermal protectors PTC (usually standard), PT100 or PTO, auxiliary ventilation and isolated tread, with a range of powers ranging from 0,09kW to 500kW, 2, 4, 6 or 8 poles.

ATEX Motors

ATEX motors are motors prepared to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. The use of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres is commonly used. These equipments must be made in order to avoid the risk of explosion. An explosion can be carried out in the presence of potentially explosive atmosphere, possibility of transmission of the explosion, when exists sources of priming.

Recognized types of protection eliminate the possibility of explosion under these three conditions.

Brake Motors

The self-braking motors are three-phase asynchronous motors with self-locking group involved when the power fails and further ensures the accuracy of the stop, the safety of instant intervention in case of inadvertent disruption of power supply. The use of the self-braking motor is particularly suitable in all situations where speed and accuracy of the stop used, it allows to minimize the dead times due to inertia, or fractionating the production cycle in parts previously established accurately.

Special Motors

Machinery exists because of its mode of installation, work environment, type of feeding or loading conditions, require engines with very specific characteristics that may not fit with the characteristics of standard motors, thus necessitating a special manufacture. Some examples would be: Engines for very humid environment, bridge cranes motors, motors for dryers, mixers motors, motors for automatic doors, motors for wind power plants.


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